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DMI Diversified Machine Racing

DMI Diversided Machine Racing Products specializes in manufacturing high quality components for sprint cars, midgets, lightning sprints, and other forms of open-wheel racing. The Diversified Racing and Bulldog Rear Ends brands are a fixture in the open-wheel racing scene and their machined parts are considered the highest quality available. The DMI team is the perfect mix of successful racers and precision machinists. The racers have the understanding and the experience to build and design user-friendly, high performing components. The machinists and programmers have the knowledge and experience to produce finishes and quality unmatched in the industry.

Have you aligned yourself and your team with a manufacturer who knows the sport? Not a manufacturer who is part of the sport, but a manufacturer who is IN the sport.

There is a difference.

DMI manufacturers most all aluminum components for sprint cars, midgets, and lightning sprints. From front axles to suspension components to rear ends, DMI has you covered.

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